Welcome to A Small Brightness!

IMG_3037While others considered my upbringing to be “sheltered”, I am grateful to my mom for the life she created for me and my sister. Instead of TV, we watched classic films. We embroidered and learned to make bread, while weekends were spent hiking, identifying flowers and insects. Looking back I understand what my mom envisioned for us: to live simply and self sufficiently as modern renaissance women.

After living all my life in the hills of Northern California, I moved to the East Coast for college. It was during those four years that I found myself lost in a fog of expectations, materialism, and superficiality. I ended up depressed and homesick. More than homesick, I missed the brightness of the person I had been.

It has been two years since I graduated from college and returned to California, this time settling in Los Angeles. In the past year, I’ve started to feel like the kid I was. I’ve also become more aware of the intent my mom had while raising us. Possessions were not the focus of holidays or birthdays, instead, it was family trips that made each year special. For most of our lives, we ate home-cooked meals with whole, organic ingredients. Only now do I understand the lessons hidden in these everyday choices.

My childhood was magical because there was unspoken understanding of what was important. When I moved away, I didn’t take those lessons with me. Currently, I work full time and in the near future, I hope to return to school for a Master’s degree. It is important for me to hold myself accountable. I am determined to live by the values I was raised with because I have felt what I am without them.

Please know, I will never tell someone to follow the same path I do. Everyone has to find their own way. I am merely documenting the moments that help drive me.

I don’t know what the pages of this site will contain yet, just as I am uncertain of what my life will bring. I can promise that there will be quotes that resonate with me and images of the natural world I hope to explore more!

– Iris


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